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So, it is now the end of January of my first school year teaching at a Montessori Middle School.  I was just realizing what I slacker I have been for not maintaining anything on this website.  I wanted to have a quick post about what my teaching space looked like when I first walked in.


So much bare space….too plain to handle

room 1

The only windows in my classroom look onto the pod community space.


Better picture of our bare pod

I will admit, this was one of the most sterile environments I have ever walked into.  I had a sense of dread and worry because I didn’t want to have my students and I feel like we were trapped in a box for 9 months!  How to make this place feel like a space I want to spend most of my waking hours.

I can’t wait to show you updated pictures so you can see the extremely colorful, cozy and welcoming classroom I call my daytime home.





Just a few quick views that I found on my ipad

NOT a real fire!

NOT a real fire! It’s a fan/LED light from Amazon.com

Book bins with NEW picture labels

Book bins with NEW picture labels

No longer a fish bowl

No longer a fish bowl

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I teach middle school English and Reading classes in St. Paul, MN. I have been told that only old ladies do crafts. Too bad! I have become a bit of a crafting fiend. Along with my various projects, I have a great miniature schnauzer, Talis, and an antagonistic Siberian cat, Ulysses, that keep me thoroughly entertained.

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