Dude, Where's My Shelfwork?


I am enjoying my 16th year of teaching this year, but am navigating my way through my first year of teaching ELA at a middle school Montessori.  I learned about my new position too late to join the other teachers for official training, so I have been reading books and blogs and journals on how to do this. While I am not an expert, I am hoping to be a great resource for those of you that are wanting to test the waters of Montessori learning in your own classrooms or home school.

When I am not “doing school”, I am cuddling my mini schnauzer, antagonizing my Siberian cat, cleaning fish tanks, knitting, reading, or trying to get as much nerdy/geeky activities into my spare time. I also co-run the Schnauzer Rescue of MN, which gives me more excuses to work with dogs.

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